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Nice tempura course. I discovered your blog recently and have added it to my 'blogs i follow' list because it is very interesting. Gives me ideas on preparing my meals.


That looks delicious. I have recently (finally , thanks to a temperature setting on my new stove) learned how to make decent tempura, and I'm curious to try my hand at seafood options. Not having tried the original above I don't think I'll be too disappointed by my own efforts. Do you make your own tempura at all?


That meal looks so delicate and delicious! Makes me want to go back to Tsunahachi again...ah sigh.


very pricey, but looks really good!

Mama BoK

Not bad for about $85cdn.. :)

Alex Case

Tempura is just too refined for my tastes I think, but eating a crunchy spine and from a whole battered shell would still be worth it for the wow factor I think.


Wow, the tempura looks very well prepared and fresh. I would want to try the Sea Eel! Puts the tempura we get here by the baskets in Toronto!


What a great way to redeem your gift certificates ;-). Every time we are in Tokyo, we go to Tsunahachi. Soooo gooood...
This is the only place on Earth where I can wait hours to be seated at the kitchen counter...
I am hungry now...


Thanks Junkgirl!

Skye, good for you for making decent tempura! You're way ahead of me, my few attempts haven't been so succesful. I think I just need more practice but with the easy availability of good tempura here I have such little incentive. But if you have any useful tips let me know!

Thanks Camemberu, Kat, MamaBok and Garon!

Alex, this was pretty fancy stuff but I don't consider tempura a particularly refined food. But if you really dislike it you can try a similar fried spine at a good unagi restaurant.

Marijoe, I do remember happily lining up at the original branch, but the one at Takashimaya was nearly empty--on a Saturday! I wonder if it's the slightly higher prices that keep people away, or maybe the lack of the cozy, grungy atmosphere.

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